Practice a yoga class surrounded by beautiful nature in locations accessible only by boat. This is an experience that will last approximately for 4 hours, including the transport and class time. Be ready to relax and option to swim in beautiful water. 

The launch location is LRYC (Lord Reading Yacht Club) in the West Island and is accesible by bus from station Lionel Groulx in Montréal : 260 Beaconsfield Boulevard, Beaconsfield, QC H9W 4A4. STM bus card is valid, the bus takes between 45-55 min. 

These are the dates for the month of September (weather permitted) 

1st Sep at 14:00
2nd Sep at 12:00
9, Sep at 12:00 
15 Sep at 12:00 
16 Sep at 12:00 

Cost: $50.00 (Payment can be done in advance to reserve your place as we are doing a small group on each travel)

Reserve through my e mail ( or scroll down to use this site for your reservation. 

About the class: The class will be for all levels, including breath work and guided meditation for the closing. Most importantly we want to benefit from being out with nature and move our bodies in a safe environment. 

What to bring? Come really light, small backpack containing comfortable clothing, swimwear, shoes that can get wet, sunblock, bug repellant, water bottle, yoga mat, hat.