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About Valeria Gonzalez

 The practice of yoga stepped into my life very naturally, as I started practicing when I was a teenager back home in Mexico City.  I loved it and right away felt the need to commit to a regular practice, yoga became a constant in my life and the best tool for dealing with the challenges of my life.

Teaching yoga became my first official job through my Bachelor Degree.  No matter where I travelled or where I lived, the practice of yoga kept my interest,  my desire to learn more and through teaching it my spirit was filled with joy and gratitude.

Over the years I have deepened my understanding about yoga and improved my teaching skills through other yoga trainings in USA, France and Canada. I remain grateful to the wonderful teachers that I have learned from and honor them by passing their teachings to the best of my ability.


A couple of years ago I turned towards Naturopathic Medicine and fell in love with this approach which is why I enrolled into the four-year program to become a certified naturopath in order to be able to help others through naturopathy, yoga and meditation. 

Today I guide yoga classes, workshops, retreats, special events  and trainings in Mexico and Canada. I also collaborate on a teacher training program in Brasil  and on the side,  I tutor students on "Anatomy and Physiology" at Naturopathic School IESN (Canada). 


 Practice a yoga class surrounded by beautiful nature in locations accessible only by boat (Montreal).


The event is on pause for the winter 2019, See you in 2020 for this unique adventure! 


Currently teaching at several yoga studios in Montréal. Send me a message for private/corporate classes or any other collaboration.


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"For me Valeria is a person that shows her connection to yoga in a dignified and honorable way. She was my teacher in her yoga studio along with her sister which gave me the chance to grow and learn about yoga. Her love for yoga is something no one can deny because it's in her daily life.


A source of inspiration to me."

Alejandro Jimenez (Puebla, Mexico). 


Currently living in Montreal, constantly travelling to Mexico.

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